12UFO by DNGR:TECH is a 12U @ 104 HP eurorack modular portable flight case. Comes with integrated MPS-2 motovilo.com power supply solution with the following specs (whole system): +12V @ 4A, -12V @ 2A, onboard VGreg provides +5V from +12V bus.
12UFO Case comes with two metal stands packed in a small custom-made soft bag for easy transportation. By default, rails are equipped with 240 M3 sliding nuts (30 nuts per rail). Threaded inserts may be installed as an option to provide a better experience during modules installation.

Main features:

  • Adjustable detachable angle lid stand which allows two opened lid positions: 100° and 120°.
  • Integrated dimmable LED strip. LED dimmer is presented on a separate PCB with a separate voltage regulator. LED strip can be completely turned off with a potentiometer set all the way CCW. No additional wall warts for the LED strip are required — the power for the LED is routed from the main DC power jack via a pair of Y-cables.
  • Power supply boards and busboards are mounted with screws completely hidden.
  • Lightweight construction — powered case weight without modules: 7.5 kg.
  • 12UFO Case can save a patch while closed.
  • Removable lid — 12UFO Case can be split into two independent 6U cases.

The A-100 DIY kit #1 is a combination of components that allows the inexpensive do-it-yourself construction of a case for the A-100:

  • power supply with external transformer (AC output)

  • because of safety reasons, no dangerous voltages accessible inside the case

  • output voltages / currents: +12V (max 1200 mA),  -12V (max. 1200 mA)

  • external capsuled transformer

  • 2 bus boards

  • four 84 HP front rails (~ 427 mm length) for mounting of the modules, incl. 8 mounting screws

  • about 160 M3 nuts which have to be inserted into the front rails (as the nuts can be slided to any position even modules of other manufacturer with different position of the mounting holes can be assembled without gaps)

  • cable for connections between power supply and bus boards

  • sketches with measures (for drilling the holes at the right positions for PSU and bus board mounting)

  • building suggestion for wooden case (sketch + list of all required wooden case parts)

  • additional installation material like screws, nuts or distant bolts (e.g. for bus boards, power supply board, rails) is not included as these parts depend upon the type of case built by the customer

  • to operate the kit an external transformer with 14-18V/2.4A AC is required, the current of the transformer has to be twice the value of the +/-12V DC current, the max. value is 2.4A (corresponding to 1200mA for +/-12V DC), even smaller current output is possible; the current output of the power supply is half the current of the external transformer as the currents for both voltages +/-12V are required (if e.g. the transformer outputs max. 1000mA the max. power supply current is 500mA for +/-12V)

  • if also +5V are required (e.g. for some modules from other manufacturers) the +5V adapter A-100AD5 may be used. For details please refer to A-100 accessories 

  • Prices:

    • complete kit with transformer (15V AC / 2500 mA, version for 230V or 115V version available, please specify the required voltage when you order): Euro 150.00

    • complete kit without transformer: Euro 120.00

    • A-100 DIY PSU power supply board only (without transformer): Euro 70.00

    • transformer only (15V AC / 2500 mA, 230V version with European main plug or 115V version with US mains plug available, built-in mains switch, AC output via small voltage connector with 2.1/5.5 mm inner/outer diameter): Euro 50.00
      Transformers for other mains voltages or other mains plug types are not available from Doepfer ! To operate the kit an external transformer with 14-16V/2.5A AC is required, please ask the Doepfer representative in your country if they have a transformer available that is suitable for the mains voltage and mains plug in your country. A suitable transformer for the US market is manufactured by Triad Magnetics and has the product name WAU16-2400 (16V AC / 2.4A). It is available from several electronic shops like Mouser, Digikey, Newark, Farnell and others.

    • additional profile set (two anodized aluminium mounting profiles (front rails), ~ 427 mm long, incl. mounting screws, to expand the kit by another row): Euro 30.00

    • additional bus board (to expand the kit by another row): Euro 35.00

  • the technical document for the DIY kits is available as pdf file

This is a FRONT BOARD PCB ONLY, not a full kit.

Since it was launched in June 2012, the Turing Machine has become one of the most popular Eurorack DIY projects. It is a random looping sequencer that spits out basslines and melodies. It generates strings of random voltages that can be locked into looping sequences. These sequences can be allowed to slip, changing gradually over time. This module was inspired by the long history of shift register pseudorandom synth circuits, including the Triadex Muse, Buchla 266 Source of Uncertainly and Grant Richter’s Noisering.

The 2016 revised Turing Machine has many improvements:

  • Rotary loop length switch
  • Pulse out
  • Two boards, includes Backpack circuit to drive expanders (compatible with old Music Thing expanders)
  • Easier to build: a larger PCB in the same width, clock and noise circuits are more robust
  • Noise level trimmer & reduced voltage in noise circuit to make circuit more robust with different noise transistors
  • Compatible with existing expanders (Pulses, Voltages, Vactrol Mix) but not the BYTES expander.

“I am interested in perceptible processes. I want to be able to hear the process happening throughout the music.To facilitate closely detailed listening a musical process should happen extremely gradually.” Steve Reich, Music as a Gradual Process, 1968.

Power – 40ma +12v, 0ma -12v

Depth – 33mm

Width – 10hp

Modular Grid – https://www.modulargrid.net/e/music-thing-modular-turing-machine-mk-ii

Build Document – https://thonk.co.uk/documents/turing2016/

Info – https://github.com/TomWhitwell/TuringMachine

BOM – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FUUejrNd6qe-PUmlLi0BAgiGKWX9DxQH3Jt5qFOxPAQ/edit?usp=sharing

Build Thread – https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=159116

For support start an new issue here – https://github.com/TomWhitwell/TuringMachine/issues

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