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" Modular Sound Synthesis On the Moon is one of the best introductions to modular synthesis and Eurorack systems that we’ve seen, especially if you can work along with the patch examples provided in the book, as was originally intended. "

- Synthopia 01.12.2020

" is really good for beginners and also for more advanced users of modular systems. Well made, many nice and educational pictures. Hope it will be part 2.

I hope the good quality will sell well, as is always does. "

- Vova Cwejman, 10.08.2020

Modular Sound Synthesis On the Moon, the guide-book by Tulpa Dusha and Pete Johnston.


This guide is a collection of theoretical and practical materials for students of the Modular Synthesis School, a section of Modular Moon. The guide was created for students as an additional information source and is based on the modular synthesis system presented in the class, and explains the major basic principles of sound synthesis. However, this book can be used as a study program for any other sound synthesis learning institution or individual.


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🌟 Every book owner will receive individual QR code-key  to The Platform, where videos as chapter overview, patches and additional bonus patch tips on every chapter of the book are presented for free. On the Platform you can also download a VCVrack file with reflection of The Given System and start the learning process at once.


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🌞 Update 06/09/2022: Spanish version of the book, translated by Andres Beltran del Rio de Sousa, printed with efforts of Waldo Gomez, can be found via contacting Waldo (Modular Moon Santiago):


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