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Monophonic Digital Synthesiser


Gek.kon is a monophonic digital lo-fi synthesiser. Oscillator generates a waveform that contains digital artefacts, which we can smooth with a simple analogue filter. Smoothing the waveform brings new sounding, giving us a spectrum from lo-fi till vintage timbres. 

Gek.kon has:


𝄪 Syncable DCO 1 & 2 generating sawtooth, triangle, sine and pulse waveforms 

𝄪 Modulator LFO applied to Oscillators, Amplifier, PWM and Envelope of the Filter

𝄪 Classic Envelope Generator ADSR 

𝄪 Dual analogue filter 6 db per octave

𝄪 Filter Phase Inversion

𝄪 Extra effect features like overdrive, fuse, noise and distortion

𝄪 Midi input, assignable midi channels

𝄪 Monophonic audio output

𝄪 Hidden magic tricks

Gek.kon is:


❤️            A Powerful Digital+Analogue Hybrid Sound Sculpturing Mini Station

🪶            Lightweight and Compact

🌱            Minimised Ecological Damage by use of Natural Handmade Packagings 

            Available on pre-order


⚠️    In case of Pre-order, manufacturing time: approx 5 days + shipping to Europe/douane: between 14 - 28 days + sending time from the Netherlands : 2-7 days.

🔌   Use the provided power supply only or contact for details.