Modular Moon Amsterdam is headquarters of the project and its roots Modular Moon started here. Founded by Anna Martinova (Tulpa Dusha) in 2018, Modular Moon is located in the centre of Amsterdam, a place called A Lab. Since the beginning, Modular Moon held multiple workshops and events with brands like Tiptop AudioTINRSBefaco, Patching PandaMoog and delivers method, a program of classes, having its own special curriculum. Besides the school, Modular Moon gives individual one on one sessions, online sessions and group sessions. 


Synthesis school, first of that type in the world, offers unique program of classes, presented in Cycles. Every year 2 cycles of classes can be offered to the public. Currently Cycle XI is accomplished (February 2022 - June 2022). 

Cycle XII (12) sign in procedure is opened, 3 more seats available. First intake date: Friday, 08.09.2023. Classes are held every Thursday of the week.


Unique curriculum, as a guide to a novice in modular, is 5 months long. The program includes workshops from manufacturers, events and additional practices like DIY sessions. Students receive Modular Sound Synthesis On The Moon the Book + The Platform access, and individual modular systems to practice during classes.

Individual one on one classes in English with Tulpa, Jack Fresia or Brian Fasano. Studio record sessions with Brian Fasano. 


Main curator of the program in Amsterdam is Anna Martinova (Tulpa Dusha). Second teacher is Jacopo Fresia (Jack Fresia). Intern teacher is Brian Fasano. Additionally, for several topics external professionals and manufacturers are invited.


Every Cycle of classes in Modular Moon Amsterdam, can have capacity of maximum 5 students. To sign in to the classes, one must reserve a seat in the cycle. To do that, simply provide the sign in | entry fee and your seat will be reserved for you. One Cycle lasts 5 months. Monthly payment is 500 Euro including 9% VAT. Payment is submitted a month in advance.


The price includes the book cost that stays permanently with the Student, permanent access to The Platform, the Given System for the time of classes, so the Student can have practical experience, as well as access to all equipment, presented in the class. Any Students of Modular Moon, that accomplished our program and gained the diploma, has access to any other sections and workshops held all over the world.

For questions, contact 

Here you can sign in to Cycle XII, start 08.09.2023 (September 2023 - January 2024):

And here you can sign in to Cycle 13 (XIII), starting February 2023 - July 2024):

Q & A 

Q: I am new to music and sound, can I still join classes?


A: Yes, you can. The program is designed so everyone could understand basic principles of sound workings.


Q: How long is the program?


A: The program is 5 months long in Amsterdam. In other sections time frame is different, for more information press on the country you are interested to learn in.


Q: In what language classes are held?


A: English. In private cases Spanish, Italian, Japanese  and Russian.


Q: Do I get diploma?


A: Yes, you get a diploma of accomplished classes, signed by curators. 


Q: If I missed a class, can I still have the missed information?


A: In case of missed classes you can reschedule missed class.


Q: I live abroad, can I still join the school in The Netherlands?


A: You can arrange a student visa via according migration institutions,, living space for yourself and join the school. Or take online classes.


Q: Can I inroll if the Cycle already started?


A: If you missed maximum of 2 classes, you still can. 


Q: I am working during the week but still want to join the school. How can it be possible?


A: Classes are held every  Thursday, 6 - 9 pm. 


Q: I want to join, but I don't have modular system yet or any synthesiser. How can I start to learn?


A: Modular Moon provides students with individual Given System. This system stays with the student till the end of the cycle. You can also take it home to practice. However you would need to submit a deposit of 300 Euro, that you will have back after returning the system.


Q: Can students of Modular Moon get discounts from brands?


A: Yes, several brands give 10 - 15 % discounts on their items.


Q: I rolled in, what do I need to take with me for the time of classes?


A: Take a pen and paper, good mood and a lot of smiles with you. :)