Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School developed a universal method of learning sound synthesis with Eurorack type machines. The method is described in the Modular Sound Synthesis On the Moon, the book, and is available as self-learning with a book, online express studies or a complete school program at various locations all over the world. The method allows to learn not only Eurorack format, but also introduces the synthesiser workings in general.

Over the years of teaching we achieved maximum ease of understanding of this complex sound science. Our method is adapted to programs of institutions like Conservatorium van Amsterdam,  The Netherlands; Gnesinka, Russia; Danish Royal Music School; Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Qatar Foundation Education; Music Libraries of Sweden; Buffalo & Erie County Public of USA and many more individuals and music lovers, bringing people with even minimum background in music creation to performing live. 

It is our time to bring the method further to universities and organisations, in a form of Knowledge on Export. We developed a 3 hours workshop on Sound Synthesis with Modular, which we want to introduce to different learning facilities all over the world.

This PDF file will introduce to the program we offer:

MM Knowledge On Export ADE Intro
PDF – 14,7 MB 176 downloads


In addition we recommend to enrich the workshop with DIY session with students, creating a module from scratch. During the build up time, the students will be able to learn the workings of electronics.

The DIY program can be downloaded here:

MM Knowledge On Export DIY
PDF – 4,9 MB 260 downloads

Any institution, organisation or enthusiasts group can invite our experts to provide the required workshop, be it introduction into synthesis, introspective dive or DIY soldering weekend.

To request, contact us via email: