Our team is a family, working worldwide in order to grow the wonderful audio science the sound synthesis is. You are welcome to contact any of us for any question you might have.

Anna Martinova

artist name Tulpa Dusha


Modular Moon Curator, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Carl Golembski

artist name Mirrari Music


Adviser, Los Angeles, USA


Pete Johnston

Bantu Sound

Adviser and Kyma Pacarana Teacher, UK


Andres Beltran

artist name Andei



Modular Moon Mexico DC, Mexico


Pablo Peniche

artist name Xompax



Modular Moon Mexico DC, Mexico


Kenichi Hata 

artist name Hataken


Modular Moon Tokyo, Japan


Waldo Gomez

artist name Waldo


Make Noise Lab

Modular Moon Santiago, Chile




Peter Abbot

artist name Omatix



Modular Moon Liverpool, UK


Tarush Raj




Modular Moon Bangalore, organiser



Nikita Naumchenko




Modular Moon Bangalore, director



Swaroop Guhathakurta 

artist name Sanathana




Modular Moon Bangalore, teacher


Juan Ignacio Rocco

artist name Rocco.FX




Modular Moon Barcelona, Spain



Modular Moon Amsterdam at A Lab Amsterdam

Lab S016, Overhoeksplein 2
1031 KS Amsterdam

Please contact us before visiting:

+31 6 27 83 11 36

Locations of Modular Moon Worldwide:  

‣ Modular Moon Bangalore: 133 6th Main, 12th Cross J P Nagar III Phase Bangalore 560078, Karnataka, India |


‣ Modular Moon Barcelona: TBA


‣ Modular Moon Liverpool: 25 - 31 Parliament Street L85RN Liverpool UK |

‣ Modular Moon Mexico: Tennesee 17, Colonia Nápoles, Alcadia/Delegación Benito Juárez, 03840, Ciudad de México, CDMX |

‣ Modular Moon Moscow: |

‣ Modular Moon Santiago: Avenida Liberador Bernado O'Higgins 142 Galería Crown Plaza, Local 164, Santiago de Chile |

‣ Modular Moon St. Petersburg: |

‣ Modular Moon Tokyo: |


Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 Participant : ADE Lab 'Everything Modular with Modular Moon'