Modular Synthesis School Program Mexico



* Modular Sound Synthesis On  the Moon Guide book

* Four Months of Classes

* Workshops

Month I

Class 1: A beginning, Algorithm of Actions + Physics of Sound 

Class 2: Eurorack + Given Systems Analyse

Class 3: VCO + LFO + VCF

Class 4: EG + VCA

Month II

Class 5: Clocks, CV, TRIG, SEQ, ARP

Class 6: Linear, Logarithmic and Exponential control signals + Complex Patches Practice

Class 7: Patching the Bigger System + Other modules and their function

Class 8: Synthesis Methods

Month III

Class 9: Practice of Synthesis Methods

Class 10: Multilayering

Class 11: Interfacing Systems + Music Recording and Post Processing

Class 12: Live Performance Mode

Month IV: 

Class 13: Basic Electronics

Class 14: DIY Pocket Synth

Class 15: Your Own System Prototype + Safety

Class 16: Theory and Practice Exam + Graduation Party