Legendary Kyma in our studio gives us opportunity to support instrument creators in their creativity. We can prototype your system with Kyma's prototypes,  thus you can hear your desired new child before it was born. 

Kyma allows us build virtual modules from scratch within Kyma environment. 

Working through each project individually, we can open a door into sounding capability of the future creation of yours.

 > status: available

 session length: depends on the project

 reservation: minimum 2 weeks

 price: 70 Euro / hour + VAT.  Request here


Detailed description about Kyma prototyping in progress. For now watch Carla Scaletti and Kurt J Hebel, creators of Kyma Pacarana, describing the system.


We create systems from scratch on demand.


Modular Systems from scratch 

By request. According to producer's wishes and desires, we completely project and implement a system from scratch.

We work through, order components and install optimum system and we teach how to operate it.


Request your system here.

Accomplished Systems

Name: Epsylon Mama

Specs: Moog Mother 32, Moog DFAM, 3 sequencers, 9 drum voices, Erica Synths Black ( partial) Section, 2 HP Freez, Delay and Reverb, Make Noize Echoton, 3 Mixers 


Name: Epsylon Atlantis Joy 

Specs: Intellijel Atlantis + Metropolis,Batumi LFO, Expert Sleepers ES - 8,  Abstract Data, Mutable Peaks, O'Tool's Oscilloscope,  Bastl Cinnamon, Bastl Grandpa Granular Sampler, 2 HP Arpeggiator, 2x MTE4 Mute, Pico Multi, Erica Synths Mixer Lite, add for now HSTA - 01 - Baby - 8 - Sequencer


Name: Epsilon Modular Moon Sys 1

In Progress: Details TBA