Modular Moon welcomes you to a second ever studio concert, with worldwide known artists who will perform and reveal their secrets of art craft!

This time we welcome Categal - all the way from Equador and Brennen - USA born modular artist!

CATEGAL : The project was born in 2020, in the Andean valleys of Ecuador. Root music inspired by nature that creates an organic sound through its instruments. The diversity of mantric rhythms allows Categal to travel us and perceive different sounds and images.

BRENNEN : Brennen[!] fuses together a variety of rhythms from across the African diaspora with a trap music sensibility, creating a unique sound that is both atmospheric and grounded. Drawing inspiration from 90's glitch, ambient music and the creative possibilities of modbap and modular synthesizers, they craft a blend of Afrofuturism that honors the past while imagining the future.

Location: Modular Moon Amsterdam

Host: Brian Fasano

Date: 18/08/2023

Start: 18:00 - 22:00

Ticket fee: 12,50 Euro | Free entry to all students of all cycles of Modular Moon



Order confirmation is the ticket! Show it at the entry. Contact Brian in case if entry door is locked.