Are you the future synthesist? There is a chance to figure that out.

Modular Moon is intended to launch a Modular Synthesis School.

The program will be designed so it can be explained to anyone with zero experience in synthesis whatsoever.

The program will include history of synthesis, physics of sound, electricity, basic introduction into DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), basic recording sessions, practical hours with systems we will have opened for public, DIY lectures on: building systems, enclosures, modules; meet up with modules creators, modular artists, introduction into live performance, specific brand workshops, events and of course, peformances!

Since the school is contribution based and a fresh started project, we would need some support from the community.
Right now we try to raise up the budget with what we can, however looks like the help is still required.

Updates about the Modular Synthesis School will be announced here. For now planned to be launched in 2019.