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APB DynoSonics ProRack H1020


APB-DynaSonics’ ProRack™ small-format mixers incorporate a wealth of professional features and exceptional performance into 10 rack spaces. The chassis design features an adjustable connector assembly that freely rotates and can be set to three different angles relative to the front panel. This allows the input and output jacks to be properly positioned whether the mixers are mounted in a vertical rack, slant rack or used on a desk top.

ProRack’s™ audio design includes the use of minimum phase-shift circuitry, expressive EQ and integrated mic preamplifiers, both used in a proprietary front end circuit. In addition to superior audio quality, reliability and serviceability are also primary design criteria.

4 Subgroup Mixer with L-R, Ctr, and Mono Mix Outputs
16 Channel / 20 Mic/Line Input
Variable High Pass Filters on all Input Channels
Live Sound and Recording Applications