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Modular Synthesis School Program Berlin



* Modular Sound Synthesis On  the Moon Guide book

* Two Months of Classes

Month I

Class 1: The history of modular synthesisers (west coast / east coast)

Class 2: Eurorack (What is so special about it)

Class 3: The basic building blocks (VCO, VCF, ADSR, LFO, VCA)

Class 4: Sound creation (sound design, various forms of synthesis) 

Month II

Class 5: Sampling in eurorack, Modular FX, Modular Drum Machine

Class 6: Eurorack Studio / Computer integration, Choosing the right modules / building a system

Class 7: Composing with modular: eurorack sequencing power, CV, Gates, Triggers, Logic, Switches, clock dividers and multipliers

Class 8: Performing live (how to do it)