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24th September 2019

Surprise Event

|| H A T A K E N ||

modular live performance and workshop

Hataken is an electronic music producer, performer and an icon of the Japanese modular scene.

In 2013 he organised first TOKYO FESTIVAL OF MODULAR; a yearly event that showcases international modular synthesiser technology and artist performances. His goal is to foster the next generation of modular synthesizer music.

HATAKEN is an organizer of the alternative culture underground platform ZEN ZEN. In collaboration with Greg Hunter Hataken is a part of Waveshaper. He also performed and recorded with renowned guitarist SUGIZO, featured with him on album “ONENESS M” and remix album “SWITCHED ON OTO” in 2018.

Interview with HATAKEN can be read on the legendary book “PATCH & TWEAK”.

On his way to performance at Dutch Modular Fest Hataken visits the Modular Moon.


Tokyo Festival of Modular


DATE: 24/09/2019
START 18:00

18th October 2019

Special ADE workshop with

Amos Gaynes | MOOG and Beyond


Modular Moon opens up for Special ADE edition with a very Special guest:

| Amos Gaynes |

with Moog and Beyond Workshop

Being one of the Moog Music Inc. product designers, Amos Gaynes is widely known in synthesisers creation community. Being musician himself, composing as @sensorysomatic and DJing forest vibrations as a part of T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Record Label, Amos will open to us his remarkable individuality, reveal his creativity flow and will bring us to dimentions of legendary of Moog.


workshop location: Modular Moon | A Lab
time: 18:00 - 21:00
fee: 10 Euro + 9% VAT