Modular Moon is a cultural space, located in Amsterdam. The space is dedicated to sound synthesis and functions as a gathering, study, workshop, and event space. As a creativity enhancer, the moon has a sound laboratory, completed with analogue and virtual synthesising systems. 



Modular synthesisers and sound creation always attracted public attention. Accessible mostly to sound engineers and professors, they teased the public’s curiosity. Recently, production lines are getting easier to use and want to be understood by a wider range of the public. So now, Modular Moon makes it possible to get in contact with specific and rare technology.



Modular Moon unites different manufacturers, experts, innovators and inventors on it's soil . Each of them can present and inform the public about their unique technology. The place is about modern electronic music production, explained in a simple and directly accessible way. Well-known brands or just starters, university level study programs or private workshops, hand-made instrument creators and master class givers can all have an independent platform to introduce themselves and their techniques to a wider audience.



Besides the gatherings dedicated to certain happenings in the industry or different study programs, Modular Moon organizes special events. Unique types of musicians, musical instrument creators, rare sound engineers and performances from all over the world will be held and presented to the public.  Events are in daylight mode with ambient soundscapes and night time dance events, with live performances on modular systems, electronic instruments, rare machines or sound generators of any type.